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Grand Cayman Wanderer:
Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

When the Grand Cayman Wanderer watches or listens to the news, he feels you might think Grand Cayman is only for bankers. If you do, you couldn't be more wrong. It's for divers, snorkelers, sunbathers and everyone who loves the sun, sand and sea.

From the vibrant life of Seven Mile Beach, in the West End, to the tranquillity of Grand Cayman's East End, Grand Cayman has something for everyone.

Hot sand on your bare feet and hot sun on your head, Grand Cayman's sunny disposition is a tonic for winter-weary northerners. It's heat flows into your bones, driving out all traces of ice and frost and re-energizing your spirit. And the friendliness of Caymanians feels as warm and sunny as the weather. 

Who is the Grand Cayman Wanderer and Why Grand Cayman?

Hi, I'm Paul, the Grand Cayman Wanderer, and I love this island. Each succeeding visit makes me want to stay. Sometimes I want to stay in the West End where everything you need for a busy social life is located. Sometimes, I want to stay out in the East End where neighbors are few and rarely seen, and where beaches are open to the public but never visited by them.

I've driven and walked over the island many times and my favourites are the quieter spots, such as Barkers or the Mastic Trail. Others in the family prefer the activities around Seven Mile Beach and the new Caymana Bay shopping village.

What Makes Grand Cayman Special?

Beach chairs in the morning on Grand Cayman

Well for one thing it's a safe, prosperous island with great dive sites over the outer edge of the reef that encircles the island. Secondly, there's great snorkelling inside and above the reef, as well as over the wrecks in the shallow waters at George Town harbour.

Then there's the warm, shallow, calm waters inside the reef lapping fabulous beaches, ideal for young families. And speaking of beaches, the island has one of the world's best and liveliest in Seven Mile Beach. It has all the activities you'd expect to find at a holiday spot -- parasailing, tubing, jet-skis, snorkeling and others.

And you don't have to get wet to enjoy any of these. Atlantis Adventures has a semi-submersible, Seaworld Obseratory, and a real submarine so you can see the underwater world while seated in an air-conditioned cabin. Other companies, such as Red Sail Sports, provide boat trips and glass-bottom boats for those who want to get just a bit more adventurous.

There's plenty to do on land as well. From the Mastic Trail, the Maritime Heritage Trail, and the Blue Dragon Trail, there are things to see.

And the Botanic Park provides a quiet, natural setting for seeing the island's plants and animals, such as the Cayman Green Parrot and the Blue iguana.

In Pedro St. James, Grand Cayman has a beautiful heritage home for visitors to quietly enjoy while in Caymana Bay they have a new shopping mall for shoppers to browse.

Things to Do on Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Beach

Divers love the Cayman Islands because they regularly vote them as one of the three top diving spots of the world. There are many diving companies in Cayman and your hotel will have their up-to-date details.

Stingray City is a must-see experience and so is its near neighbor Sandbar where you can feed stingrays by hand while wading in the sea up to your chest (Stingray City) or knees (Sandbar).  Swimming with dolphins is a popular event around the hotter places of the world these days and Grand cayman lets you do that too. Another must-see experience is the turtle farm, where turtles are hatched and raised before being released into the sea. As well, the semi-submersible (also called the Seaworld Observatory, a sophisticated glass-bottom boat), and the Atlantis submarine are experiences you shouldn't miss when you're on the island.

Nightlife is vibrant along Seven Mile Beach where resorts provide guests with music and events each night.

The time we, the Grand Cayman Wanderer and family, spend there, we hope, will make it easy for you to enjoy Grand Cayman without leaving your home or even choose it for your next Caribbean island vacation.

About Grand Cayman

East End Grand Cayman beach

We've added the weather plaque on Cayman Weather so you can check the year round weather at the Cayman Islands. The weather is invariably good but check back often to find what's best for you. I'm not a really hot weather fiend myself so winter is my favorite time.

There are three maps on the site, one showing the 'big picture' of all the Cayman Islands so you can zoom in on each one to find your place in the sun. We have another map showing Grand Cayman in all its glory, and finally one that focuses on hotels so you can find the one that best meets your needs (and budget).


Grand Cayman's Smith's Cove

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