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Fishing on Grand Cayman:
Be There When the Fish Are!

Fishing on Grand Cayman, like fishing anywhere else, means you have to know when and where the fish are. Your Captain will get you to where they are, provided you show up when the fish are there.

Let's start with the easy ones, small Tarpon. I said easy because they're always around at Grand Cayman, not because they're easy to catch. That part's up to you.

Two more 'easy' ones (for me, anyhow, because I'm just writing about them) are White Marlin and Sailfish. They're occasionally around all year, which means I don't need to say when.

Speaking of Marlin, Blue Marlin are at their most abundant in Grand Cayman waters during May, June, and July. They're pretty good the rest of the year too.

Wahoo are at their best from December through to March (good times for northern visitors to be escaping the snow back home), they're pretty good April to July, have an okay time in August and September, and come back to good in October and November.

The best time for Dolphin is April to August, with March and September being not quite so good. The rest of the year is okay.

Yellowfin Tuna share their best season with Dolphins, April to August, while Blackfin Tuna are only really numerous in July and August. Both types have a good month either side of the main season. The rest of the year is okay, like Dolphin. Skipjacks are only good from December to January, with the rest of the year being okay.

Bonefish have two really good seasons, November to January, and again in June and July. The rest of the year is okay too.

Fishing in Grand Cayman is a year round affair, there's always something to catch. Try the phone numbers on our fishing page and see what's in season when you visit. 

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